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Call/WhatsApp/Viber/imo on +91 8306019190 #स्त्री वशीकरण मंत्र- स्त्री वशीकरण का सबसे आसान तरीका, स्त्री वशीकरण शाबर मंत्र, स्त्री वशीकरण टोटके-तंत्र-अचूक उपाय# to Pandit NK Shastri Ji. Do u want to Make a Love Marriage with a desired person and because of planetary disturbance or family issues you are not able to convert your love into marriage? Ask Love marriage problem solution astrologer for getting an idea about reason and facts about love marriage and get astrological solution to make it possible in your life. World-famous astrologer has made 1000+ parents for love marriage in inter caste or same caste marriage.

As earlier we let you know you know the significance of love in the person life. And similarly, it is equally important in the relationship too. If either is of girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. But if in case your lover feels that you are not able to give that love to him which he is in need. Then it is for sure that he wants to leave you. But you can get ex back by chants that our love astrologer can provide you. Slokas for Husband and wife attracting is an astrological service to bring the harmony in your life. Attraction between two people is important to achieve to a blissful life. Married life is like a heaven if there is great attraction between two people. Married couples show great sorrow and anxiously worried about losing their life partner because of lack of understanding. The true feelings about your partner makes you different from others and you need to respect your partner, because according to astrology woman finds love easily but someone who respects a woman is hard to find. Start helping your wife in her little homework such as clearing the room, doing Pooja together, and having fun together while watching movies. All these small things increase the level of attraction day by day. Slokas for husband and wife is dedicated to Supreme Lord means you are indirectly arguing with the Lord about increase the attraction between two of you.

Sloka for Husband and Wife Fighting – After the separating because of a fight, a married couple begins to search for the ways to reunite. If a husband and wife are fighting with each other that indirectly mean they love each other, but they do not know how to say that to their partner. Our astrologer, Baba is going to describe the Slokas of the solving, fighting problems between a husband and wife again. Slokas are medium to share your inner thoughts and desires with the supreme personality of godhead lord Krishna. However, many couples do not want to live in concert at the time to come, but you have to keep faith in the God, and you should contact with an astrologer for Slokas to bring your husband or wife in your life again. These Slokas will regenerate the lost love in your couple’s heart and they will reunite with you for the lifetime. A couple recites the following Narasimha mantra

namaste narasimhaya prahladahlada dayine

hiranyakasipor vakshah sila tanka nakhalaye

ito nrisimhah parato nrisimho yato yato yami tato nrisimhah

bahir nrisimho hridaye nrisimho nrisimham adim saranam prapadye

Recite this Mantra in the morning and when you having fights with your husband or wife, this mantra’s effect will demolish the fight and create an amazing surrounding there.

What Happens After Break up And How to Make your Ex-love back and want you back
Most of the times it happens in our life that what we usually think not happens. As if you are suffering from the sorrow in your life because you lost your love. Then the main reason behind all this is astrology. As there are some astrological factors. Due to which you have to get separate from your lover. But by keeping vrat and do the dua in front of your god. We assure you that you will soon be able to get out of it and make your lover love you back again in your life. But in order to get your lost love back in your life again with that love and affection. We have the most effective tips for you. That not only helps you to win your lover’s heart. But also increase the chances to get lost love back.

Do you feel that till the time you start loving someone in your life? how to make your ex want you back quickly? You have to pay for doing that love. And these all feelings can arise only in that case when you have to face a lot of issues like lack of communication, distrust, and even many more. But if in case even after a lot of problems and complications love is still present in between both of you. Then it is definite you want your ex-lover back to you. So our love specialist can provide you with the best and most effective solutions. With the help of which you can soon make your ex-love back. As these are those solutions that can make your ex love you again fast.

Call/WhatsApp/Viber/imo on +91 8306019190 #स्त्री वशीकरण मंत्र- स्त्री वशीकरण का सबसे आसान तरीका, स्त्री वशीकरण शाबर मंत्र, स्त्री वशीकरण टोटके-तंत्र-अचूक उपाय# to Pandit NK Shastri Ji. Mantra for Husband and Wife Unity: The Mantra will be so helpful for you because it generates positive energy between couple. Understanding value of relationship must be equally important for both, so that reciting mantra will create unity as a result. Through this small effort, husband and wife relation will be much better and strong.

|| OmKleemKrishnayGovindayNamaha ||Om KleemKrishnayAchyuthayNamaha || OmKleemKrishnayMadhavayNamaha || Om KleemKrishnayGopiipriyayNamaha ||

Mantra given above is a Shree Krishna Mantra, which should be recited by the couple for rounds of a 108-bead-Jaap-Maala through an astrologer. After that, the result of mantra reciting will impact on couple life within short period. Mantra will be the best way to solve every problem to save your relationship. The understanding and unity between you and your partner will be stable.

What is the Powerful Krishna mantra for love marriage?
If you like someone and want to attract him/her towards you then you can also recite Krishna mantra to attract love. With the blessings of Lord Krishan, you will definitely get the desired person as your lover or a life partner. In addition, If you are a girl and facing hurdles or obstacles in the path of your marriage. Then you should need to recite Krishana mantra for love marriage as:

‘Kaaatyaayni Mahamaye Mahayoginay dhishvari nandgop santu patin mah kuru tah Namah’

What is the mantra that brings love success?
If you want to get success in love marriage or have a desire to have your child like lord Kanha. Then you can recite the vashikaran Mantra for marriage. It will help you get a child. So there are various Kanha Mantra for love marriage are available for removing hurdles of your life.

||’sarvardhmarn paritaayjay mamank sharanam vraj ahan twan sarwpapebhyo makshyishyami ma such’||

How to convince parents for love marriage by mantra?
Well as for all the children their parents are their first priority. And even we all want that when we will get married to someone in our life. Then our parents can give their blessings to us. Because without elders blessings no work can be done in its effective manner. But if due to any of the reason your parents are not agreeing for your love marriage and they are completely against it. Then in such case you are in need to take the help of the vashikaran mantra. Because when you will cast vashikaran mantra on them. Then they can work completely according to you. And after that, you can also make them agree for your love marriage. Along with this, we can tell you one thing is that when you will use the vashikaran mantra on your parents then it ill not harm or hurt them. It just only makes them listen to you.

What are the simple mantras for love?
If just make someone firstly fall in love with you. Because you love him. But he is not paying any attention to you. And due to this you all the get involved in too much stress. Then in such case, you can use the mantras for love. When you will perform these mantras. Then it not helps to make someone fall in love with you. But also generates care and affection towards you. But you must have to keep in thing in your mind is that when you will perform the mantra. Then you just have to do it in the exact manner as we can tell you. Along with full concentration and dedication. The only thought that comes in your mind is of your lover and his love which you want in your life.

What is the shiv mantra to marry the desired person?
If you are not able to get married to the desired person in your life. Then shiv mantra can prove to be one of the best solutions for you. In order to solve your marriage issue. Because it can also be believed that when you will worship lord shiva or chant his mantra. Then the girls can most often get the desired man in their life.
What is the best mantra to convince parents for love marriage?
If you want to get married to the person whom you love so much and even can’t be able to live without that person. Because till the time he comes in your life he becomes everything for you. But if your love marriage faces problems because of your parents and they are not agreeing for your marriage and due to this, you both cant be able to get married to each other. Then you dont have to worry at all about this. Because we can provide you with the mantras that help you the best mantra to convince parents for love marriage. And even when you will use these vashikaran mantras.

Then you will be able to control them find of your parents and it will not harm or hurt them in any of the ways. In a few cases, the people are not destined for love marriage. Even for them, we recommend some simple totke for love marriage so that they will marry by convincing their parents. This mantra will work despite their religion, caste, society. This mantra for love marriage to convince parents can be started anytime and has to be practised by anyone person in the relation.

While chanting this mantra for love marriage, you should sit calmly and place a photo of your lover in front along with an oil lamp. Afterwards, you should chant the below Mantra to make parents accept love marriage for 108 times to get a marriage proposal within 21 days.

||Om Haam Gam Joom (Lover Name) Vashya Vashya Swaha ||

Call/WhatsApp/Viber/imo on +91 8306019190 #स्त्री वशीकरण मंत्र- स्त्री वशीकरण का सबसे आसान तरीका, स्त्री वशीकरण शाबर मंत्र, स्त्री वशीकरण टोटके-तंत्र-अचूक उपाय# to Pandit NK Shastri Ji. How a Black Magic Specialist can help you? – A Black Magic Specialist is helpful in every day to day life issue whether complex or simple problems. Black magic is fundamentally used to utilize the spirits and negative energies to harm someone, take revenge, to make someone act according to you, and also you can likewise utilize black magic to draw consideration from your preferred one, not to hurt others. While we are living in a computerized age however there are likewise some undesirable issues we need to look into in everyday life. At times it turns out to be too hard to even think about solving the issues. These issues can be mental, physical, or monetary. Here, the help of a Black Magic Specialist is considered very important.

Black Magic Specialist for enemy problem solution – In any stage of life, you may have to face small or big enemies. Most of the time we try to deal with the enemy in our own way, but if your enemy has crossed every level of enmity with you, then in such a situation, you are advised to take the help of a black magic specialist. Our black magic experts can help you stop your enemy and teach him a lesson. Whether your enemy is female or male, our black magic specialist has all kinds of black magic methods by which you will get quick and far-reaching solutions.

Black Magic Specialist for removing Black Magic and Protection from Black Magic – The job of a black magic specialist is not just to do black magic, but also to disable and protect from serious to severe level of black magic. A Black Magic Specialist can remove any type of Black Magic permanently and also can make permanent protection from any kind of black magic. Black Magic Specialist to take revenge from the enemy – If you just don’t want to settle with stopping the enemy but also want revenge then Black magic is a sure shot tool for this purpose. Since ancient times the use of black magic is popular for taking revenge in desired ways from the enemy.

Black Magic Specialist for Love Problem or Breakup Problem Solution – In the era of relationships full of terms and conditions it has now become a common problem for people to face disputes, misunderstandings, and in worst conditions breakup also. In such a situation, Black magic is considered as a fast, reliable, and safe solution provided by our astrologer for getting lost love back, restoring relationship after a breakup, eliminating the interference of other people from your relationship, etc.

Husband-Wife Disputes Problem Solution by Black Magic Specialist Baba Ji – We all know that the relationship between a husband and wife is one of the most devoted and unconditional relationships but sometimes due to internal and external factors this beautiful relationship of two souls tend to disputes and divorce. If you have tried everything to settle the matter with your life partner and everything is being wasted then our Black magic Specialist Astrologer will definitely guide you in taking you out of this problem. Stopping violence of in-laws (Mother in law, Husband in law, Father in law, etc.) – In India and sometimes in other countries also the behavior of in-laws become the main reason for a tense marital life. If you are struggling with day to day tension with your in-laws and they are filling your marital life with poison then urgently get in contact with our Black Magic Specialist Astrologer.

Astrology is considered as the para science that offers a corrective solution to each problem that is supposed to happen in future. When the problem between husband and wife seems not just a marital conflict, it is the time to consult an expert.

Understanding the problem or the conflicted relationship between husband and wife or couple is a vital part. None can solve it without knowing the root of the problem. Many times, an overall good-looking relationship is not going well. Since you start appointing with a professional astrologer who is good at dealing with after marriage love problems, you may get a definite solution shortly. Most broken relationship is the reason for misunderstanding betweenhusband and wife. Understanding is the base of all relationship.

However, if your love relationship is end due to certain circumstances, but still you want to get your ex-lover back than you can easily getting your love back by implementing black magic? It is believe that black magic having supernatural powers which can help to rule you in heart of your lover. So whatever may the reason behind your separation. Finally you are getting reunited with the help of black magic spells. Meanwhile you can contact our astrologers to consult your problems. He will analyze your trouble from insight and give you a appropriate solution according to that.

Black Magic Spells for Love – Black magic is a mysterious and powerful divine spell which never fails when once casted over someone. When you plan to use this black magic spells then you should it in the direction of black magic specialist astrologer. You will get positive result within a few days itself. These black magic spells for love, generates a true inspiring innermost feelings in heart of your lover. Hence it enforce him love you back in order.

There are many people who themselves spoil their love relationships. Love is precious emotion. One must have to know about the importance of love in their life. If sometime any situation of dispute arises in their relation they must have to take a while and try to solve that. But some impatient people never understand the importance of love and they broke off. Such people regret on their decisions after sometime and they search for.With magic spells no love problem will longer stay in your life. One can control the mind of their ex love and bring them back into Relationship. The black magic is very strong. Thus never perform without the guidance with us.

Love makes you feel happy and full of energy. At present, lots of people are in love relationships and but most of them are unable to take care of their love relationship in an effective manner. People face a lot of issues and problems in their love life and these issues can make their life worse and even cause the breakup. But it is not easy for a person to forget about his/her love life especially the memories and the time that they spend with each other. Some people also want to make all things clear between them and their partner and want to get their love back to spend a happy love life.

Black magic for getting love back – Once you break up your relationship and want to get in relationship with your love then it is as easy as it sounds and only an expert can provide you best possible help to enjoy a happy love life without having any hurdle and obstacles. The expert can helps you to by performing several spells to ex love back by black magic so that you do not have to face any kind of issue.

There are lots of couples who use the magic spells provided by the Pandit Ji to resolve all their love life issues without hurting ant another person. Love is very important in a person’s life and if you consult a right black magic specialist like Pandit Ji for black magic spells then you can get you love back in your life without facing any kind of issue and problem.

Call/WhatsApp/Viber/imo on +91 8306019190 #स्त्री वशीकरण मंत्र- स्त्री वशीकरण का सबसे आसान तरीका, स्त्री वशीकरण शाबर मंत्र, स्त्री वशीकरण टोटके-तंत्र-अचूक उपाय# to Pandit NK Shastri Ji. #Nicobar #North Middle Andaman #South Andaman #Anantapur #Chittoor #East Godavari #Guntur #Kadapa #Krishna #Kurnool #Nellore #Prakasam #Srikakulam #Visakhapatnam #Vizianagaram #West Godavari #Anjaw #Siang #Changlang #Dibang Valley #East Kameng #East Siang #Kamle #Kra Daadi #Kurung Kumey #Lepa Rada #Lohit #Longding #Lower Dibang Valley #Lower Siang #Lower Subansiri #Namsai #Pakke Kessang #Papum Pare #Shi Yomi #Tawang #Tirap #Upper Siang #Upper Subansiri #West Kameng #West Siang #Bajali #Baksa #Barpeta #Biswanath #Bongaigaon #Cachar #Charaideo #Chirang #Darrang #Dhemaji #Dhubri #Dibrugarh #Dima Hasao #Goalpara #Golaghat #Hailakandi #Hojai #Jorhat #Kamrup #Kamrup Metropolitan #Karbi Anglong #Karimganj #Kokrajhar #Lakhimpur #Majuli #Morigaon #Nagaon #Nalbari #Sivasagar #Sonitpur #South Salmara-Mankachar #Tinsukia #Udalguri #West Karbi Anglong #Araria #Arwal #Aurangabad #Banka #Begusarai #Bhagalpur #Bhojpur #Buxar #Darbhanga #East Champaran #Gaya #Gopalganj #Jamui #Jehanabad #Kaimur #Katihar #Khagaria #Kishanganj #Lakhisarai #Madhepura #Madhubani #Munger #Muzaffarpur #Nalanda #Nawada #Patna #Purnia #Rohtas #Saharsa #Samastipur #Saran #Sheikhpura #Sheohar #Sitamarhi #Siwan #Supaul #Vaishali #West Champaran #Chandigarh #Balod #Baloda Bazar #Balrampur #Bastar #Bemetara #Bijapur #Bilaspur #Dantewada #Dhamtari #Durg #Gariaband #Gaurela Pendra Marwahi #Janjgir Champa #Jashpur #Kabirdham #Kanker #Kondagaon #Korba #Koriya #Mahasamund #Mungeli #Narayanpur #Raigarh #Raipur #Rajnandgaon #Sukma #Surajpur #Surguja #Dadra and Nagar Haveli #Daman #Diu #Central Delhi #East Delhi #New Delhi #North Delhi #North East Delhi #North West Delhi #Shahdara #South Delhi #South East Delhi #South West Delhi #West Delhi #North Goa #South Goa #Ahmedabad #Amreli #Anand #Aravalli #Banaskantha #Bharuch #Bhavnagar #Botad #Chhota Udaipur #Dahod #Dang #Devbhoomi Dwarka #Gandhinagar #Gir Somnath #Jamnagar #Junagadh #Kheda #Kutch #Mahisagar #Mehsana #Morbi #Narmada #Navsari #Panchmahal #Patan #Porbandar #Rajkot #Sabarkantha #Surat #Surendranagar #Tapi #Vadodara #Valsad #Ambala #Bhiwani #Charkhi Dadri #Faridabad #Fatehabad #Gurugram #Hisar #Jhajjar #Jind #Kaithal #Karnal #Kurukshetra #Mahendragarh #Mewat #Palwal #Panchkula #Panipat #Rewari #Rohtak #Sirsa #Sonipat #Yamunanagar #Chamba #Hamirpur #Kangra #Kinnaur #Kullu #Lahaul Spiti #Mandi #Shimla #Sirmaur #Solan #Una #Anantnag #Bandipora #Baramulla #Budgam #Doda #Ganderbal #Jammu #Kathua #Kishtwar #Kulgam #Kupwara #Poonch #Pulwama #Rajouri #Ramban #Reasi #Samba #Shopian #Srinagar #Udhampur #Bokaro #Chatra #Deoghar #Dhanbad #Dumka #East Singhbhum #Garhwa #Giridih #Godda #Gumla #Hazaribagh #Jamtara #Khunti #Koderma #Latehar #Lohardaga #Pakur #Palamu #Ramgarh #Ranchi #Sahebganj #Seraikela Kharsawan #Simdega #West Singhbhum

Call/WhatsApp/Viber/imo on +91 8306019190 #स्त्री वशीकरण मंत्र- स्त्री वशीकरण का सबसे आसान तरीका, स्त्री वशीकरण शाबर मंत्र, स्त्री वशीकरण टोटके-तंत्र-अचूक उपाय# to Pandit NK Shastri Ji. One phone call can change your life, Just contact to get any love life problem solutions online by expert indian astrologer.

स्त्री के कपड़े द्वारा कैसे करें वशीकरण मंत्र-

‘ओम नमो भूतनाथ समस्त भुवन, भूटानी साध्य हू।’

स्त्री के कपड़े से करे वशीकरण – इस मंत्र को आप अन्य तरीके से भी प्रयोग कर सकते हैं। इसके आपको अपने वश में करने वाली स्त्री का अंतर्वस्त्र लेना है। उस पर लाल रंग की स्याही से उसका नाम लिख दे। आप इस नाम लिखे हुए कपड़े को अपने पास रखे ७ दिनों तक। अब इसे जला दे। जलने के बाद प्राप्त राख को अपने पैरों के नीचे रखें और ऊपर दिए गए मंत्र को पढ़ते हुए इस पर फूंक मारें। स्त्री को उसके कपड़े से वश में करने का अति सरल उपाय।

प्रेमी वशीकरण मंत्र – आप प्रेमी वशीकरण के टोटके और उसके उपाय प्राप्त कर सकते है जिसको एक सही विधि द्वारा प्रयोग करने पर आप किसी को भी अपने वस में कर सकते है | प्रेमिका वशीकरण मंत्र बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध मंत्र है जिसके द्वारा आप मन पसंद की प्रेमिका से प्यार कर सकते है लेकिन इसकी विधि बहुत कठिन है लेकिन यदि आप इस मंत्र को सिद्ध कर लेते है तो सब कुछ ठीक हो जाता है जैसा की अप्प चाहते हो | प्रेमी वशीकरण मंत्र और प्रेमिका वशीकरण मंत्र में थोड़ा अलग विभिन्नता है लेकिन इसके सिद्ध होने के बाद आप किसी को भी अपने वास में कर सकती हो |

प्रेमिका वशीकरण मंत्र – यदि आप अपनी प्रेमिका को बुलाने का मंत्र जानना चाहते हो तो हमसे संपर्क कर सकते हो | प्रेमिका वशीकरण मंत्र एक बहुत ही प्रबल वशीकरण है जिसके द्वारा आप अपनी प्रेमिका पर पूर्ण कण्ट्रोल क्र सकते हो | यहाँ पर प्रेमिका वशीकरण टोटके का प्रयोग कर के अपनी प्रेमिका तो बुलावा भेक सकते हो| मोहनी वशीकरण का भी बहुत प्रयोग होता ही किसी भी प्रेमिका को अपने काबू में करने के लिए | आप इत्र वशीकरण का भी प्रयोग कर इसकी महक से किसी को भी अपने काबू में कर सकते हो | इसको प्रेमी और प्रेमिका दोनों इस्तेमाल कर सकते है| यह पर प्रेमी-प्रेमिका वशीकरण मंत्र, प्रेम वशीकरण टोटके, प्रेम वशीकरण मंत्र, वशीकरण के अचूक उपाय इत्यादि प्रप्ति कर सकते है |

दुश्मन से छुटकारा कैसे पाये – हम शुरुवात करते है एक ऐसे शत्रु नाशक मंत्र के साथ जो आपको दुश्मन से छुटकारा दिला सकता है। यह है ‘नृसिंहाय विद्यहे, वज्र नखाय धी मही तन्नो नृसहिं प्रचोदयात!!’ आप रोज सूर्योदय से पहले इस मंत्र का जाप करे। दूसरा उपाय यह कर सकते है कि साबुत उड़द की काली दाल के 38 और चावल के 40 दानों को आप एक साथ मिलाकर एक गड्ढ़े मे दबा दे। इसके बाद उसके ऊपर नींबू निचोड़ते हुए शत्रु का नाम लेते रहे।

दुश्मन से छुटकारा पाने के टोटके – जो लोग वशीकरण विद्या को मानते है वो एक उपाय यह कर सकते है कि सूर्योदय से पहले एक नींबू को चार भाग मे काट ले और उसे पकड़कर अपने ईष्ट देवता की आराधना करे। इसके साथ ही गायत्री मंत्र का 11 बार जाप करे। यह कर लेने के बाद उस नींबू के चारों भाग को किसी भी चोराहे या फिर खुले मैदान मे अलग-अलग दिशा मे फेंक दे।

नींबू से वशीकरण करने की विधि
२) नींबू से वशीकरण का एक अचूक और आजमाया हुआ मंत्र प्रयोग है–’ओम ह्रीं क्रीं चामुंडाय नम:’। इस प्रयोग में सबसे पहले एक सफेद रंग का कागज लेकर उसके ऊपर वशीभूत करने वाले व्यक्ति का नाम लिखे २२१ बार। नाम लिखने के लिए हरे रंग की स्याही प्रयोग में लें। अब एक नींबू को इस कागज के ऊपर २१ बार घूमाए उस व्यक्ति का नाम लेते हुए। इसके बाद नींबू को काट ले और उसका रस इस कागज पर इस तरह निचोड़ें कि लिखे हुए सारे नाम अच्छी तरह से भींग जाए। यह करने के बाद ऊपर दिए गए मंत्र का जाप करें २१ बार और हर मंत्र के बाद संबंधित व्यक्ति का नाम लें। क्रिया समाप्ति के बाद कागज को मोड़कर किसी सुनसान स्थान पर ले जाएं और मिट्टी के नीचे दबा दें।

तंत्र बाधा निवारण शाबर मंत्र – तंत्र बाधा को दूर करने के लिए यह जो उपाय हम आपको बता रहे है उसे आप शनिवार के दिन करे जब चर्तुदशी हो। आपको सुबह जल्दी उठकर पहाड़ी स्थल पर जाकर वहां से नागफणी का पौधा लाना होगा या फिर जिस भी जगह से आपको यह हासिल हो सके। पर यह पौधा आप एक ही झटके मे उखाड़े। जिसमे नागफणी की डण्ठल के साथ उसके पत्ते भी आपको मिल जाए। अब आप चमेली के तेल मे सिंदूर डालकर उसे मिला ले। फिर अपने दांये हाथ की पांचों अंगुलियों को उसमे डुबो दे और पत्ते पर उन्हे छाप दे। अब आप बजरंग बाण का पाठ करते हुए उनकी प्रतिमा को धूप दिखाये। इस प्रक्रिया को करने के साथ ही आप घर के मुख्य द्वार पर उस नागफणी के पौधे को गमले में लगा दे और रोज पानी देते रहे। जिससे वो जीवत रहकर हरा-भरा हो जाए। इस विधि को करने से तंत्र बांधा से आपको मुक्ति मिल जाएगी।

प्रेमिका या प्रेमी को वापिस पाने के ज्योतिष उपाय- प्रेमी या प्रेमिका का मिलन कोई सामान्य क्रिया नहीं होती! ये अनेक परिस्थियों और दशाओं का संयोग होता है। इसलिए प्रेम के संयोग व वियोग वाली स्थितियों में ज्योतिष कारकों का विशेष महत्व है। खोये हुए प्यार को वापिस पाने के लिए कुछ ज्योतिष उपाय बेहद कारगर हैं जैसे-

प्रेम व काम का स्वामी शुक्र होता है इसलिए अपने प्रेमी या प्रेमिका से मिलने के लिए शुक्रवार व पूर्णिमा के दिनों को प्राथमिकता दें ।

शुक्र मंत्र का जाप करें, यह मंत्र न सिर्फ बिछड़े प्रेमियों को मिलाने में सहायक है बल्कि प्रेमी-प्रेमिका के बीच यौन आकर्षण को भी प्रबल करता है, मंत्र इस प्रकार है:

‘ओम द्रां, द्रीं, द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः’

यदि पत्नी को मायके से वापिस लाना चाहते हो तो हमसे संपर्क करके ज्योतिष उपाय/टोटके और रूठी हुई स्त्री का वशीकरण मन्त्र का प्रयोग कर अपनी पत्नी को वापस मायके से बुला सकते हो| यदि आपकी पत्नी आपसे प्रेम नहीं करती है तो आकर्षित वशीकरण का प्रयोग कर अपनी पत्नी को अपने काबू में किया जा सकता है | ज्योतिष तंत्र विद्या का प्रयोग कर आप अपनी पत्नी को वापस अपनी बाँहों में भर सकते है | यदि अपनी पत्नी को मनाना चाहते हो और वापिस प्यार पाना चाहते हो तो एक्सपर्ट गुरु जी से सहायता प्राप्त कर अपने जीवन में प्यार/प्रेम भर सकते है |

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