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You sighed and raised my pink cheeks. Your face was so close to me, so close to each other’s entangled breath. Your straight nose was crisp and numb, sweeping my face, making the heartbeat louder and louder: “Why is Xiao Zhao the only one who is better than you in the world?”? Is it, I will like it? I go to look for her tonight, just the king’s command, Moyang in your heart, is really a person who is so easy to change his mind? If so, is he still worthy of your love for a lifetime? I stared at you, and your eyes were clear and transparent, clearly reflecting my dull face because of shock. At that moment, Elder Martial Brother! I suddenly understand that, in fact, we have long been you have me, I have you, we are each other’s shadow, who left, are just incomplete. Under the moon, you gently hugged me and gently opened your lips: “Hanhan, would you like to stay and let us give each other our backs completely?”? Are you willing to bear the life of swords from now on until the moment we quit Jianghu? The dew of the night is heavy, sprinkling a little moisture on your fine eyelashes, highlighting the crystal clear black eyes, I slowly stroked your hand, carefully looking at your handsome and extraordinary face,x70 line pipe, looking at your angular, but firm face.. My heart and your rhythm, once, once, but also unswerving: “I am willing, I am willing, I have long been willing, even if you do not ask, you do not say,347 stainless steel, I just want to be with you!”! It’s just that the more you care, the more you’re afraid of losing, so. “Shh.” You gently pressed my lips with your fingers and hugged each other tightly in the boundless night. You and me, what else is there to say? Just like the sun and the moon, they haven’t said a word for hundreds of years, but can you say that they can be separated? After that, Moyang of the Celestial Dynasty was still the only invincible swordsman in the world. His invincibility was not because of his excellent swordsmanship, but because his swordsmanship was only used for attack, not for defense. Behind him was another sword, another sword named Yueyi. Three feet of sword, two feet of love, life and death are inseparable from shadow and form. Clothes like snow, face like ice, how can miss all become a common practice. The End Your Garden — — Giving Roses to Others, With Fragrance in Your Hands He Lan Chang’s Comments on He Lan 1 I want to write down reactionary remarks, and I wonder if I will be drowned by saliva. But if it’s stuck in your throat, you can’t get it off your chest. So I threw up and ran. I admit that Du Yuqing is very pitiful, x56 line pipe ,uns s32760 plate, a man who came from the earth at the age of fourteen and experienced the scene of the bloodbath of the General’s Office. After that, he was sent to different mansions and was forced to endure fourteen nights. I admit that Du Yuqing is very clever, an excellent little scientist on the earth, 360 lines, almost every line is proficient. Traveling back to an ancient Dynasty similar to China at least a thousand years ago, it should be very HAPPY. I admit that Du Yuqing is very beautiful, and her figure must be good, otherwise how can Du Yuxi, the king floating in the flowers, keep his footsteps and indulge deeply. But other than that? I will never forget that Du Yuqing and Wen Han jumped off the cliff together, lived together day and night in Cuicheng, and even wanted to live with him for a lifetime. Finally, I worshipped him. I don’t know whether the time-travel text should be written according to the rules or ideas of modern people or ancient people. It can be said that this is my first time to travel with the text, even if it is my favorite Zhanzhao fellow travel text, I can not accept it. But Du Yuqing has been emphasizing how it is on the earth, but how it is? She lives in the Du Dynasty, and she can’t immediately change the Du Dynasty into the earth of the 21st century. I think Du Yuxi is so pitiful, a good king, just because he fell in love with a person, he became so cautious, so for Du Yuqing, he dissolved the harem, of course, this is understandable, I only believe in the love of two people, only advocate a pair of people for life. Du Yuxi became a beggar in love from the king who stood high above the masses at the beginning. So far, it is still very humble in love. However, what did Du Yuqing do for him? I didn’t feel Du Yuqing’s so-called love. Of course, I still hope and believe that they will be happy in the end, and have sex at the same time. Above Run away ―――――――― Helan, you broke out, the female assistant and the curtilage girl wrote a long comment, thank you very much, wolf kiss ~ ~ ~ your garden-give people roses, hand fragrance Moyang sent “Xiaohan smile has drunk my heart” Moyang sent “Xiaohan smile has drunk my heart” Today is Hanhan’s birthday. I will have a good time with Wang, Yuqing and the bodyguard brothers, drinking and singing toads in the river, just like the heroic men in Jianghu. Take advantage of wine and poetry, and give it to Hanhan. Xiao Wang drank the flower dew day and night. The cold mountain reflects the moon in the lake. With the sound of a guest in the clouds, Smile to see the sea. I have got a beautiful woman to accompany me in my life. Lying drunk and waking up, the shadow of the sword is thick. I love to dance in the neon rain. My heart is far away from the sky with the bright moon. Xiaohan, you are so happy. Big brother is so kind to you. He asked me why I didn’t tell him your birthday as soon as he went online yesterday. I’m in the dark room. It’s not good. So the eldest brother immediately made up for it, and let him read it to you later. Your garden-giving roses to others, with lingering fragrance in your hands. Shangguan Tianrong, this overhead planet is really a good place. Its orbit is three times longer than that of the Earth. The length and rotation speed of the equator are also several times that of the earth. No wonder it nourishes many handsome men and beautiful women and all kinds of monsters. But why is the star still exactly the same as the earth? Alas, I watched it again from the beginning. Although many of the plots are easy and funny, But if you experience these things from Qing’er’s point of view, a 14-year-old girl who has no one to depend on, Face the emperor’s imprisonment, scolding, beating, sex/abuse The milky complaint and the seemingly funny, cute, naive and ignorant reaction are not only not funny at all,x60 line pipe, but also hard to sum up with the word cruel. No wonder Qing’er wanted to commit suicide again and again. If it were me, I might want to die more times. Although Xiaodu is already very good compared to the emperors in many sadistic articles, Qing’er’s body is more tender than most of the female protagonists! I really can’t afford the favor of the emperor. lksteelpipe.com

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